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No More Slimy Cilantro!

I use a lot of cilantro in my cooking. It’s one of those ingredients that you simply cannot skip if the recipe calls for it and there really is no substitute for its unique flavor. Even though I cook with it quite a bit, there can sometimes be a two or three day lag time between the time I purchase it and need it for a dish. There are also times when I only need a small amount, so it may be a few days before I‘m able to finish it off. Those few days can be all it takes for cilantro to become slimy and gross. Not only is that inconvenient, but I absolutely hate food waste.

I’ve tried a multitude of methods to avoid this. I’ve stored it in plastic bags. I’ve tried produce bags. I’ve put it in a vase on the countertop. Fail, fail, and fail. However I’m pleased to report that I’ve finally found a solution that really works. Place the cilantro into a vase. Put a Ziplock bag over the vase leaving the bottom open. Then place the bag in the fridge. I had one bunch of cilantro that lasted almost 2 weeks (I was on a recipe kick that was not cilantro-centric). When I finally used it, the leaves and stems were just as green and crisp as they were the day I purchased it. I have to wonder how much longer it would have lasted! I’m also wondering why it works.

Give this a try. I am curious to see how effective this method is for others, so leave me a comment and let me know how your experiment goes.

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